The Artist

Stephan Max Reinhold has had a strong interest in photography since the tender age of nine, when his father gave him his first camera. His early love of photography, combined with a lifelong fascination with the forces of nature, paved the way for his photographic exploration of the most abundant liquid on earth, namely water.

During high school, Max worked evenings and weekends at what was then Edmonton’s foremost camera specialty store. He used his staff discount to buy a medium format camera and set up his own darkroom. Those were the days of film and chemicals, which forced Max to learn the proper fundamentals of photography.

Photography was put on the back burner for almost 2 decades, while Max went to university and then practiced law in Calgary. When the digital photography revolution was just in its infancy, he took up photography as a hobby again. Although he took lots of „normal” pictures during his frequent trips to Asia in those days, his real photographic interest was still focused on close-up work. He used the macro capabilities of his first digital camera to the fullest, endlessly exploring the minutiae of mother nature.

It was with this relatively modest camera that he captured his first water drop pictures. He absolutely fell in love with drop photography, and this niche of the high speed photography field became a passion. He was still working as a litigation lawyer at this time, so luckily he was able to buy lots of equipment, which was a great way to further delve into this field. Specialized timing equipment, high speed flash units, a professional level digital SLR and macro lenses form the backbone of the equipment needed to capture falling and impacting water drops clearly and reliably.

Max would work on his drop photography in the evenings, and take the results to work, to get some unbiased feedback. His colleagues were excited and supportive, and some began to express and interest in purchasing the images. Before long, he was selling the fruits of his obsessive hobby to friends, colleagues and opposing lawyers alike. The idea for Infinity Gallery and Liquid Art Gallery was born, although it was more of a dream at that time.

Max continued to work as a lawyer until 2007, at which point his wife, a native Austrian, convinced him to move to Vienna. On the way to Austria, another trip to Bali was in order. Max and his wife had met in Bali in 2003, and returned on a few occasions already to explore this beautiful island further. During that latest trip, the decision to buy land in Bali was made, and the lease for what would become Infinity Gallery was signed. After almost one year of renovations, Infinity Gallery opened in July 2009.

It is fitting that the Gallery took shape Bali, a magical island where dreams become reality. Max’s Liquid Art was born in Bali. It is through visitors to the Gallery on the so called Island of the Gods, that his work now hangs on the walls in hundreds of homes and businesses all over the world. Max continues to live the dream, creating new and exciting images in his studio, of course also located in Bali.